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SF4 race overview, schedule, and rules.
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Race Divisions

Pro Open Men (remotes welcome, see details below)
Pro Open Women (remotes welcome, see details below)
Amateur Men (18-29)
Amateur Men (30-39)
Amateur Men (40-49)
Legends 50+
Amateur Women (18-39)
Amateur Women 40+
Clydesdale (215+)
Groms (13 & Under)
Groms (14-17)
Beginner Open
EUC Amateur

ORL Board Regulations

In order to participate in ORL sanctioned races and qualify for ORL points, rider’s must adhere to ORL board requirements. Rider’s must use a stock Future Motion powertrain in ORL sanctioned races. The powertrain consists of batteries, motor and controller. Modifications to the tire, rails, bumpers and footpads are permitted.

1st Place Pro Men and Pro Women will automatically qualify for Race for the Rail 2024.
ORL Awarded Prize Purses for Pro Categories:
1st: $1,200
2nd: $700
3rd: $500
Ranking point breakdown found on ORL website.

Race Schedule

Thursday, June 13th

Gates open at 12pm Thursday. NO EARLY ARRIVALS. Security will be on site turning cars around if they arrive early. Downhill Course will be open for Practice with shuttles all afternoon.

Friday, June 14th

Racers will check in early morning and receive a bib and a timing chip followed by an All Racer Meeting. Practice shuttles will be available in the morning, course will close at 11am to prepare for Time Trials. Time trials start at 12pm. Riders will get one chance down the course for a time to qualify for semi-finals. All racers will start their time trial with their registered division, running one at a time with a short gap between each rider’s start.

Once racers finish their time trial they will take their chip to the timing tent to dip it for a printed time. The top 12 fastest times for each division will move onto Semi-Finals Saturday morning. Results and brackets will be displayed on the Race Communication Board by race tent.

Racers have one chance down the track. Reruns will only be granted if a rider comes up on an injured rider down on the course or if there is an issue with the timing on our end. All reruns will be approved by the race directors only.

Saturday, June 15th

Semi Finalists will gather for a racers meeting before practice shuttles start. The order of races will be posted on the communication board along with shuttle times for all divisions. Semi- Finals will start at 12pm.

Semi Finalists are the top 12 time trial times from each division.

Pro, Clydesdale, and Legends divisions will be split into two categories for Semi-Finals and Finals — the top 12 racing ORL qualifying boards for ORL points and the top 12 racing all other board types including remotes. We will have two podiums for these divisions to recognize each category. Please note if we do not have 12 riders to fill each Legends & Clydesdale bracket we will drop down to advancing 6 and 6 from each.

Heats will be divided accordingly:

  • Heat 1 consists of 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th & 12th place from time trials.
  • Heat 2 consists of 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th & 11th place.
  • The top 3 riders that cross the finish line first in each heat will qualify for FINALS. This is a head to head race. Riders must be on their board as they cross the finish line and finish is defined as when the front of the board crosses the finish line. Any close finishes will be reviewed on video.

The bottom 3 of each heat will head to shuttles and race for 7th-12th place ONLY for PRO, CLYDESDALE & LEGENDS.

This is important for ORL rankings to determine 7th through 12th place. The top 50 riders will receive ORL points — the top 12 will come from your placement in semi-finals and finals, the remaining riders will receive points based on your time trial result.

All racers are expected to check updates on the communication boards throughout the weekend. We will not delay races for late arrivals! If a racer is not at the shuttle for their shuttle time we will pull the alternate (13th place rider) in to fill that open space.

ALL Mountain Endurance Race

Sunday Morning, June 16th

Our All Mountain Race will start in the meadow with a mass start with all devices. This will be a timed race with chips. EUC & All Onewheels including remote will race together. The race will take riders up the shuttle road to the top of the race course, then down back to meadowthrough the features on the course. We want to see who comes out on top!!! All Mountain Divisions being awarded: MEN, WOMEN, GROMS & EUC

NEW Segment Races

Sunday, June 16th

We are excited to introduce a NEW race this year for Shredfest 4. Segment Races will be held on Sunday, this is a FUN race. All will be competing together. We’ve received lots of feedback, people wanting to race ALL board types including remotes. We want to see how you all stack up.


What is a segment race?

It’s very similar to an Enduro. We will choose 3-4 trails on the lower side of the mountain (no shuttles needed). Each segment will have a start gate and finish. Each rider will get a timing chip and race each segment independently for a time. The segments MUST be completed in order that is given, with only one attempt per segment. When you have completed all segments in order, you will return your chip to the tent for your print out of times.

We will award the following divisions for this race. MEN, WOMEN, GROMS, EUC & BEGINNER (Never raced before).

Awards Ceremonies

Downhill Race

Saturday evening before music starts on main stage.

All Mountain & Segment Races

Sunday evening before music on main stage.

Race Rules

We adhere to all ORL Race Rules in addition to a few of our own. If rules are not respected riders will be disqualified from racing at Shredfest.

  1. No physical contact of any sort on and off the race course.
  2. Racers MUST wear race bib on your lead leg for visibility. Any racers that show up to the start line without a bib will not be allowed to race.
  3. Timing chips are worn on your lead wrist ONLY. If timing chip is not returned, the racer will be charged $60. Racer’s are solely responsible for their timing chip and race number.
  4. Safety Gear: Helmets and wrist guards are MANDATORY. We highly suggest additional safety gear our course is a FAST downhill course.
  5. Racers must wear closed toed shoes.
  6. Racers must attempt each feature on course. If racer chooses to skip a feature they will be disqualified.
  7. Time Trail Re-runs: If a racer comes up on an badly injured rider or if there was a timing issue on our end. These two instances warrant a re-run. Beyond that will be approved or denied by the race directors.
Race for the Rail logo

Officially Sanctioned ORL Event

Earn Your Chance for Glory

Have what it takes to be the best Onewheel rider in the world? Shred Fest is an official seeding race for Future Motion’s official Race for the Rail. Place in the top bracket at ShredFest and you’ll earn your entry into RFTR 2024. Conditions apply, see official ORL site below for details.

Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I arrive at the venue early?

We open our gates at 12pm on Thursday. No early arrivals. Security will turn you around. No camping or parking on road to venue.

Is the event family friendly?

Yes. We love families and how Onewheel brings together people of all ages. The far end of the meadow will be designated as a Family Camp area for those that may want to be located a little further from the main stage. Explore your options upon arrival. Please note that our music will go until late on the main stage each night.

Are there food options available?

We will have 3-4 food options on site available for purchase. Stay tuned for who is coming!! 

What options are there for camping?

On-Site tent camping (with your own camping equipment) is included in your festival admission, with vehicles parked in our on-site parking area. Those camping in/on their vehicle will need a separate Car/Truck Camping Pass, and anyone with an RV or Travel Trailer will need an RV Pass.

Camping is first-come, first-serve with the majority located within a large tree-ringed meadow. Try to arrive around the same time as others in your camping party to make it easier to coordinate your setup.

Are bathrooms available?

There will be CLEAN Porta-Potties available all weekend, cleaned everyday! We will also have hand washing stations with sanitizer

Can I charge my Onewheel/PEV?

Blue Mountain does not have power available on site but we will be setting up charging stations at a few locations on the property. Please bring anything needed to power your campsite, generators are fine to bring but please practice proper fire safety.

Are showers available?

Yes, there are hot showers on site, located near the white house on property near meadow. Showers are $5 each to pay for the propane to heat. Please bring cash and drop in box for property owner before your shower.

Are there quiet hours?

Well… you are at a festival so don't expect too much sleep! We will have late night music happening until early morning hours. Please respect your neighbors and avoid playing amplified music late nights or early morning. Acoustic jams until sunrise are welcome and appreciated!

Can I transfer my ticket?

Yes. Transfer tickets by logging onto Eventbrite and following the “How to transfer my ticket to someone else.” For further assistance reach out to support@eventbrite.com.

What will the weather be like?

Northern California is hot and dry in the summer. Daytime temps can get to high 90’s but the good thing about the Sierra’s is it cools down at night into the 50’s. Be prepared for COLD nights, we are in the mountains!

What should I bring to the event?
  • Onewheel/PEV and Charger
  • Flashlights, lanterns, headlamps
  • Acoustic instruments for campfire jams
  • Water Bottles
  • Generators, Power Stations
  • Festive clothing and fun costume wear. Themes coming soon…
  • Glow accessories for nighttime rides
  • Jacket for nighttime
  • WATER and any alcohol you want 
  • Swimsuit for the river 
What should I NOT bring?
  • NO PETS allowed. Approved Service Dogs ONLY. Must reach out for prior approval before you arrive.
  • No campfires, No fireworks, No sky lanterns
  • No unauthorized motorized and/or remote control aerial devices, toys, cameras or equipment. (Very few media passes will be given out for ShredFest)
Can I bring my dog, cat, ferret, bearded dragon, liger or other animal?

Service Animals are welcome but need to be pre approved by Seek N Shred prior to the event.

How are emergencies handled?

We’ve hired a professional Emergency Medical Team for the weekend. They will have staff on site 24/7 and available for anything that comes up. All crew will have Seek N Shred lanyards on with a radio. Please track down anyone for assistance. 

Will there be alcohol for sale at the event?

No, we will not have alchohol available for sale on site.

Will there be a Lost & Found?

Yes, Lost & Found items can be found at the Seek N Shred Merch Booth located in the vendor village. Please take any found items to the booth for safe keeping. We do our best to return items to their owners. 

Is there cellular service at the venue?

Service is spotty at Blue Mountain. Verizon users will have better coverage but please be prepared for limited reception. We also recommend saving your directions as you may lose service while en route to the venue. 

What is required in order to race?
  • All racers are required to wear a helmet and wristguard during races.
  • All racers will sign a waiver upon arrival.
  • Participants may register for and participate in multiple clinics, activities, or races over the course of the event.
  • Participants may use personal boards for all race events.
  • Alcohol consumption for participants is not allowed prior to races. Any racer suspected of intoxication can be disqualified.
  • Register online through ticket website before arrival .
Can I purchase a day pass?

Day passes will not be available for this event. Join us for the weekend, we promise you’ll have an amazing time.

Can I stay in a hotel or Air BnB?

ShredFest is designed around everyone staying on site -- picture your summer camps growing up 😀. We highly encourage attendees to stay onsite and have included on-site camping and parking with admission. The closest hotels are 30 minutes away on dark mountain roads, there are a few close by AirBnB houses.

Do I need an RV pass?

We are offering a limited amount of RV passes available as a separate purchase from your admission on Eventbrite. These are required for a pull-behind trailer or RV. If you have a camper van, rooftop tent, or other method to sleep in/on your car or vehicle, you do not need this pass but will need the Car/Truck Camping Pass. Those with RV passes will be parked either in the meadow or overflow lot, depending on arrival time and space availability. Please note that there are no power, sewer, or water hookups on site at Blue Mountain. Fill your fresh water before arriving.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes, we are always looking for volunteers. We can’t do what we do without help from our community! Please fill out Volunteer Interest on our website. We will reach out when we receive your request with details. 

Still have questions?
Do I need a ticket if I'm not racing?

Yes, every attendee needs their own General Admission Ticket. We have activities for ALL!! Our event is unique in that we have a wide range of live music and lots of activities for riders and families!